Bailey's - one of my favourite drinks. It's so indulging, rich and delicious. This tart comes from last year's St. Patrick's Day when I knew I wanted to make a Bailey's dessert. I was thinking of what to put the Bailey's in and figured that ganache is probably my best bet. To make it more interesting this tart has a chocolate crust and two fillings: the first one is milk chocolate ganache infused with Bailey's and the second one is a firmer dark chocolate ganache. It needs to be firmer if you want to make a design like mine (more on that in the recipe). After everything comes together of course it has to be brushed with gold luster dust - to keep it ~fancy~ and festive! This recipe is so good I used it for my patisserie exam at university.


It's Mardi Gras! - literally translated to fat Tuesday. It got its name because in the old days people would use up the ingredients/food they couldn't eat during Lent. Now they would usually use up all the fat, milk, eggs, etc. to make pancakes and that's why people call it pancake Tuesday as well. Regardless of its many names, in Croatia during Mardi Gras, people make donuts - not pancakes! I struggled with donuts a lot, but this recipe is foolproof. I actually figured out some tips and tricks along the way of making these. My donuts would never fully cook in the frying oil and I would always have to finish cooking them in the oven so they cook from the inside. Once, I wanted to make little donut bites but when they grew in the fryer and became regular size donuts, I was like - "so this is the trick?!" So here you go - foolproof recipe for the best donuts I've ever made! Fill them with anything you want: from homemade jam and pastry cream to rich ganache or just some store-bought fillings.


Bajadera is a staple in Croatian culture. Created by Kraš, a major food company in Croatia, bajadera is a chocolate praline made of nougats from both almonds and hazelnuts. My mom's bajadera however is a bit different, but just as delicious! This recipe has been in my family for years and was past down from my grandmother to my mother. Now I still haven't learned how to make this, my mom is the one who makes it on almost every holiday and she was kind enough to write this recipe :)


Za one koji ne znaju, danas je #NationalCheseecakeDay , a ja sam sasvim slučajno radio cheesecake makrone. U suradnji s dr. Oetkerom, koristio sam neizbježan sastojak u ovom kolačiću, a to su mljeveni bademi. Puno je lakše napraviti makrone ako imate već mljevene bademe, ali i neka pomagala kao što su mikser i multipraktik. Možete koristiti moj stariji recept za makrone, ali vam predstavljam poboljšani i ponešto lakši recept. Ja sam završio sa 28 makrona, a ako želite više, slobodno poduplajte recept. Punjenje se radi malo neobičnom metodom, tako što se cheesecake prvo ispeče, a onda izmuti u magičnu i prefinu kremu!


As soon as I posted a photo of this amazing comfort food classic on my Instagram story, you guys went crazy! My messages were flooded with requests for a recipe so here it is. It's very easy to make, takes a bit of time, but it is definitely worth it. I listed some of my favourite cheeses to use in this meal. but feel free to use whatever type of cheese you want. I tried my best to take as many photos I can to guide you step-by-step. If you make this or anything from my blog, make sure to tag me on your photos!