Za one koji ne znaju, danas je #NationalCheseecakeDay , a ja sam sasvim slučajno radio cheesecake makrone. U suradnji s dr. Oetkerom, koristio sam neizbježan sastojak u ovom kolačiću, a to su mljeveni bademi. Puno je lakše napraviti makrone ako imate već mljevene bademe, ali i neka pomagala kao što su mikser i multipraktik. Možete koristiti moj stariji recept za makrone, ali vam predstavljam poboljšani i ponešto lakši recept. Ja sam završio sa 28 makrona, a ako želite više, slobodno poduplajte recept. Punjenje se radi malo neobičnom metodom, tako što se cheesecake prvo ispeče, a onda izmuti u magičnu i prefinu kremu!


As soon as I posted a photo of this amazing comfort food classic on my Instagram story, you guys went crazy! My messages were flooded with requests for a recipe so here it is. It's very easy to make, takes a bit of time, but it is definitely worth it. I listed some of my favourite cheeses to use in this meal. but feel free to use whatever type of cheese you want. I tried my best to take as many photos I can to guide you step-by-step. If you make this or anything from my blog, make sure to tag me on your photos!


Do you ever crave french fries for like a week and one day just decide to get some? Do you ever crave mac&cheese and just have to make it for dinner that day? Well, I craved brownies for like a month before I decided to make them. These are super chocolatey and fudgy, like a brownie should be! I also had some caramel sauce in the fridge and thought it would go perfect with my brownies! Let me write you how to make them ;)


When I started baking, caramel sauce was probably one of the scariest things to make. The first time I decided to try to make caramel was out of the blue. I had felt like making caramel, so I did. It of course split and I think I even burned it. The second time it also didn't go well. I had put my caramel into a container that previously had some tea or coffee in it, so my caramel absorbed the flavours and the taste of it was just awful. Before my third try, I did a lot of research and was ready. Make sure you prepare and weigh out all of the ingredients, be patient and just believe in yourself. Also, put in a nice, big pinch of sea salt because it makes the caramel that much better!


During my years as an amateur baker I've always been seeking for a perfect pie crust, and I still do. I've tried a lot of recipes, ones that involve cold butter, ones that involve room temp butter, ones that involve eggs, ones that don't involve eggs and so on. I only recently got a food processor and I can tell you that it is so much easier making a pastry crust in it than using your hands, but even I sometimes like to use my hands and feel that butter and flour between my fingers. Recipes that use soft, room temperature butter usually require a mixer so you can beat the butter and sugar...just like when making a cake or something. I like recipes that use cold butter better because the pastry ends up really flaky and super tasty too. This recipe makes enough pastry for a double crust pie. I've also tested it by making it with soft butter once and it came out pretty good too. I hope you try this recipe and enjoy making it just as much as I do!