Easter is just around the corner, and since I've mastered the original macarons recipe, I tried to change their shape a little bit and make them into some adorable Easter carrots! I think that macarons are one of the world's hardest cookies to make and to be honest, the first time I made them, they didn't turn out great. They tasted good, but they didn't have feet. After that attempt, I watched loads of videos on how to make macarons, meringues...and in every video people were using different methods, so I gathered up all of those methods and second time I made macarons, they turned out just PERFECT! So here is the recipe with all these methods and steps for the perfect macaron (round or shaped as a carrot).

 (For about 30 macarons) you'll need:
  • 3 egg  whites - room temperature, make sure there is no yolk 
  • 130g  granulated sugar
  • 120g  finely ground blanched almonds - sifted, no big almond chunks
  • 100g  powdered sugar - sifted
  • 100g  good quality chocolate
  • 100ml  heavy cream
Make sure to use a glass or a metal bowl, because plastic absorbs grease. Then, get some vinegar and use a paper towel to rub it all over your bowl and beaters on your mixer. That will clean up your tools but also help egg whites to whip easier.

Make sure your egg whites are room temperature, but separate your eggs while still cold because the yolk will break more easily if eggs are at room temperature. Whip the egg whites until foamy and then add a pinch of salt to help them whip and start adding your granulated sugar a tablespoon at a time. Whip everything together until stiff peaks and the sugar is melted.

Combine ground almonds with powdered sugar. Sift them together one more time over the egg whites. Now, it is folding time. This is the most important part of making macarons, so be careful. Use a rubber spatula or a big metal spoon and start folding the almond mix in. Fold gently until combined. When everything is combined keep folding but kinda cut through the mixture to deflate it a little bit. (Now, some people count the number of folds, but i don't think it is necessary because some people say 30, some 40, and some people even say 50 folds are needed for the perfect result) I stop folding after about every 10 folds to test the mixture. I see if it is falling of the spatula slowly and easily and if yes then i try to see how much time is needed for the mixture to fall back into itself. When the mixture falls back into itself after about 15-20 seconds, your mixture is ready! ( If you want to color your mixture, add gel food coloring after you mixed the almond mix in the egg whites or add the coloring in the egg whites while whipping them.)

                                                                 STEP 4
Line your baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone mat. Put the mixture into a piping bag and if using parchment paper, secure it with some mixture in the corners of the baking sheet. Pipe little circles (or anz other shape). If making round macarons make them with about ½ inch in diameter. Space them evenly on the baking sheet about ½ inch apart. After piping the mixture, bang the tray on the counter few times to release the air bubbles trapped in the macaron. Leave them on the counter for about 20-30 minutes and preheat your oven to 140°C  /285°F.

When oven is preheated and the macarons are dry to the touch bake them for about 15 minutes. After fifteen minutes, check your macarons by picking them up. If they are still a bit jiggly and if they're sticking leave them in the oven for few more minutes.

For the filling, use anything you want, but I will make a simple ganache. Bring heavy cream to a simmer and pour over chopped chocolate (or chocolate chips) and let sit for 3-5 minutes. Then whisk until everything is combined and put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes. When it is cooled, whisk it until fluffy and delicious. Put it in a piping bag and pipe it on cooled macarons. 

I hope you figured this all out, enjoy and happy baking! :)


  1. Nice macarons, I also have problems with them for the several time preparing!

  2. Kako je ovo dobroooo, ludnica! :D