I absolutely love tiramisu! And when I started making my own, I stopped ordering it in restaurants and pastry shops because I just know it won't be as good as this one. It's a recipe I developed working with Donal Skehan's recipe for chocolate tiramisu, but in my family we love adding extra chocolate. My mom usually doubles or even triples the quantity of chocolate! This recipe is a great summer recipe because it's no bake and is delicious served cold.


I love cinnamon rolls. Adore them. They are my all time favourite breakfast food and I love making them just as much I love eating them. However, they are full of warm flavour that we associate with autumn and winter, so I don't really make them over the summer. When summer comes, it's time for sweet rolls! Super versatile, forgiving, rich dough pairs so well with flavours like lemon and berries. This time I decided to make a huge roll because why not?


Don't you just love those recipes that are so easy to make but at the same time such great comfort food? Comfort food is usually associated with warm, hearty meals on a cold winter day, but let me tell you - summer can also have good comfort food - like this raspberry crumble! It's so quick and easy to make, makes two individual ones and is best served warm with ice cream. If you ask me that is the only way it should be served. I am also not a fan of oats, so you won't find oats in my crumble recipe. Also I'm writing  about summer like it's already here, but since spring has gotten so warm in the past few years, it's easy to get confused. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the recipe and tag me in photos when you make it!


As I'm writing this, the weather outside is wonderful. It is so sunny and warm and it already feels like summer. I don't really want to skip spring though, as it is my favourite season. Spring means beautiful green scenery filled with flowers, it means young and delicious fruits and vegetables, and it means strawberries. I absolutely love strawberries and desserts with them. I also must say that English strawberries are very delicious which I wasn't expecting when I moved here. This recipe kind of  came together as a hybrid of my favourite desserts. I love pies of any flavour and shape and I love love LOVE cheesecake! When it worked I was so proud of myself and happy as well because I created this delicious treat. I hope you make it as well and don't forget - if you ever make anything from my blog, post it on Instagram and tag me, @marko_bakes !


A perfect Easter dessert! Or a snack? Something to get you through the day :) This is such an easy recipe and so visually pleasing - I love the pastel colours of the mini eggs. You can make it with your kids or enjoy making it alone because then you get all the delicious cookie dough to yourself. This recipe is slightly adapted from Just A Taste. I love her blog since the beginning of time and I just recently discovered how good her recipe for chocolate chip cookies really is. It uses a secret ingredient and instead of putting in chocolate chips, this time I put in a mix of crushed and whole Cadbury mini eggs. I like to make my cookies with brown butter, which I'll explain how to make in the recipe, because it gives this amazing nutty flavour to the cookies that you can't achieve in any way else.